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Save Your Historic Home From Permanent Damage with Preservation Primer #1

Avoid Common Mistakes

We know your historic home is important to you and we know you wouldn't want to damage it. Yet well-meaning homeowners and contractors often destroy the very architecture they were trying to preserve. Learn how to protect your home from permanently losing historical features, and how to protect yourself from the expenses these mistakes create.

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Prepare Yourself

Equip yourself with the information, tools, and resources you need to make sure your best intentions end up with the best results for your home. Chapter after chapter provides solid educational content you will learn from, evaluation tools to use on your home, preservation resources to turn to, and guidance on which restoration choices and contractors are best and why.

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Preservation Expertise

Experienced Father/Daughter preservation team Chuck and Danielle own and operate Historic Restorations, a construction firm that specializes in restorations on historic buildings. With decades of experience in both private and public preservation projects (including work for the National Park Service), these two are experts you'll be glad to have in your pocket.

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